Favourite Foodie: Heidi from Apples Under My Bed

Meet Heidi, she’s a qualified nutritionist who’s blog and instagram Apples Under My Bed have many loyal followers, especially her Wednesday Breakfast Club series. Today she’s sharing a bit about herself and her relationship with food, as well as her recipe for Coco² & EVOO Granola.
How did you get into cooking?

My mother is a fantastic home cook, so I was spoilt from a young age with good food. Chocolate cakes were my thing as a kid, and then when I left home to go to university I got into cooking myself. Things like pasta and stirfries to start, but then I ventured into the slow-cooked world and realised that I could totally do it myself, it wasn’t too hard, I just needed good produce and a bit of confidence. The first try wouldn’t always be fabulous but each time I cooked a dish it improved and I was able to tinker with the recipe to suit my preferences.

What’s your favourite recipe from your blog?
At the moment it’d have to be braised beef cheeks. Both my baby and my husband love them, as do I.

Sum up your food philosophy in three words
wholefoods + intuitive eating

What’s your favourite food memory?
Ooo that’s a good one! Eating burgers on the beach in Noosa, QLD. Each year my family would drive up to the sunshine coast and stay for a couple of weeks in September. Those two weeks were absolute bliss! We’d spend our days on the beach, swimming in the surf, eating snow cones and chowing down on burgers. I miss those days.

What’s the one ingredient you have to have in your kitchen?
Extra virgin olive oil.

What’s the best piece of cooking advice you’ve been given?
Rather than receiving advice, I’ve observed great cooks in the kitchen (my mother, my friend Rosa and other friends), and they all seem to have this air of confidence around them. They know where their tools are, they have their ingredients ready and they do this beautiful dance in the kitchen, resulting in beautiful food made with love. They are also unapologetic, which I think is is a great way to be.