Navigating our relationships with food

Food and nutrition is a hot topic but can also be a very overwhelming one for many of us. We are bombarded everyday with the newest diet and latest nutritional research and we can feel lost and confused when it comes to how to fuel our bodies and minds.

At Pureharvest we are very passionate about encouraging people to fuel their body with nourishing, whole foods. We believe that simple, natural and whole food is the key to living a happy and healthy life. But it’s also more than just the food we eat, it’s our relationship with that food that ultimately leads to better health.

These three TEDX Talks from incredible women discuss the importance of whole food as well as how important it is to create a positive relationship with our food and our bodies in order to live happy healthy lives.

Give them a watch, they might be exactly what you need to hear 🙂

[ytp_video source=”6CQyaeZWAXE”]

“Ever stopped to think whether your relationship with food is healthy? Give Harley street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert’s talk your time to think about whether your food habits and you have a healthy relationship” 

[ytp_video source=”fbeFn1Xcqo4″]

“Most of us know we should eat better, but we don’t do it. We are increasingly confused over nutrition with so many conflicting views, and we give scarce thought as to how we eat or our relationship with food.” 

[ytp_video source=”Ssr2UDB9EWQ”]

“Learning to listen to yourself and trust yourself can be very difficult for some people. Eve Lahijani talks to us about the importance of learning to do so especially when it comes to our hunger and diet.”