Our top picks for 2019 food trends

Companies and people all around the world have put in their bids for what they believe will be the next big thing in the health food space for 2019.

Wholefoods, the American health food superstore, released their annual report for top health food trends to look out for in 2019 at the end of last year. Check out their article, Top Food Trends 2019

We wanted to share a few of the trends we are most excited about!

New and noteworthy non-dairy milks

We will be the first to pop our hands up and say we LOVE non-dairy milks, obviously! In 2018 we extended our Quench range in supermarkets to include three new flavours, Almond Quench, Hazel Quench and Golden Quench. They have been a huge success, and we are hearing from you guys that they are quickly becoming the milk of choice in your households.

The milk for 2019, Oat Milk

So what’s next in the realm of non-dairy milks. There’s been talk about milks such as Pea Milk, Peanut Milk, Chickpea milk (we’re not sure about this one) and Oat milk (did you know we already make an Oat Milk?!). What non-dairy milks would you like see us make in 2019?

Heaps of hemp

With the legalisation of hemp foods Australia wide in 2018, we believe there is only more to come in this growing market of plant protein and hemp based products.

Have you tried Hemp milk? What other hemp products do you want to see appearing on the sshelves this year?

Plenty of plant-based products

In 2018 there was some controversy around plant-based “meat” products that started popping up in the meat section of some Australian supermarkets. However, compared to America and the UK we are far behind when it comes to the plethora of meatless “meaty” alternatives available on the market.

In 2019, we predict we will be seeing more plant based alternatives and more “traditional” foods infused with plants.

If you’re looking for some healthy plant based meals, check out these recipes: