February 02, 2018

5 Summer Smoothie Hacks

Smoothies are such a great summer breakfast or afternoon snack. One of our favourite things about smoothies is they are so versatile. You can make them from a vast array of ingredients and create all kinds of consistencies with just a few small changes.

From smoothies to smoothie bowls, these next few hacks will change your smoothie game forever.

Frozen zucchini 

If you’re not a huge fan of banana or simply don’t want a super carb-heavy smoothie swapping out frozen banana for frozen zucchini is an amazing option.


Avocado is another great addition to smoothies for both texture and flavour. Without being too overpowering it creates the smoothest, silkiest smoothies ever. The healthy fat also helps to keep you full all morning!

Frozen banana

To create the ultimate smooth creamy texture for the perfect smoothie bowl, frozen banana is your best friend! Side note, it’s also perfect for making dairy free ‘ice cream’.

Add fibre

Things like oats or flaked quinoa help to boost the fibre content of your smoothies. Fiber is so important for gut health. More and more emphasis is being put on the importance of gut health, it’s so vital for overall health. Fiber also helps keep you fuller for longer.

Secret vegetables

Mix some vegetables in with the fruit, add a creamy nut milk and blend. The kids will never know that the added veggies are in there and it’s a great way to up their daily vegetable intake. Some of our favourite vegetables to add are beetroot, carrot, celery, cucumber and spinach.