Almond Milk series: Harvesting organic almonds

At Pureharvest all of our products are made from organic, natural and wholesome ingredients, including our range of almond milks. Pureharvest almond milks contain a minimum of 7-10% whole activated organic almonds.

Last month we visited our almond suppliers that we have built a lasting relationship with over the past 15 years. They grow and harvest the wonderful organic almonds we use to create our almond based non-dairy milks – Unsweetened Activated Almond Milk, Original Activated Almond Milk & Almond Quench.

Here’s Naomi (from our marketing team) in the midsts of the almond trees.

A little about the harvesting of almonds. Firstly, an almond is actually the seed of a fruit known as a drupe. Therefore, harvesting almonds is quite a labour intensive process, let’s explore it together.

While at the farm,  we were lucky enough to see the actual harvesting of the almonds taking place. All the trees were loaded with almonds ready to be picked.

Organic almonds on the tree ready to be harvest.
Organic almonds in their almond shells.
All the harvest almonds ready for the factory!

Once the almonds are harvested and cleaned, just the seed shell that houses the almond is left. These almonds (with shell intact) then make their way to be processed to remove the almond from the shell. Once cracked the almonds make their way to our factory and so begins the making of our organic almonds milks.

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