March 29, 2019

DIY Nut Butter

Making nut butters at home is actually super simple. However, in order to create a smooth, creamy and delicious nut butter from the comfort of your kitchen you will need a strong and powerful food processor.

Once you have your strong food processor all the rest is very straight forward.

Step 1 : Roast the nuts

Roast the nuts on a low heat, 160C in a fan forced oven for 8-12 minutes. The longer you leave them the richer and more roasted flavour your nut butter will have.

Step 2 : Remove skins if necessary

This is particularly important for hazelnuts. Hazelnut skins are quite bitter and if you leave them on that flavour will overpower the nut butter and it won’t be very nice. We highly recommend rubbing off the skins using a tea-towel.

Step 3 : Blitz, blitz, blitz

You have to be really patient here. When you first start blitzing, it will first turn into a nut meal / floury consistency and no butter in sight, but be PATIENT! Depending on the strength and power of the food processor this step can take 10-15 minutes. You might also need to do it in bursts as some processors tend to overheat and need a break to cool down. Using nuts directly from roasting will help a lot as the heat helps to breakdown the oils and this speeds up the process.

Step 4 : Store in a container

Make sure the containers you store the nut butters in are sterile and dry and have an airtight lid. Pour the freshly made nut butter into the jar and store in a cool and dry place in the pantry.