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March 16, 2022

Easy lifestyle switches that are good for mother nature

Here at PureHarvest HQ, we are always looking for easy lifestyle switches we can make to help our natural environment – we’re all about enjoying more from less!

So, whether you’re an eco-warrior and have been eco-conscious for years or are a newbie looking for simple lifestyle swaps, we’re here to help. Here are five easy ways to make to help Mother Nature and improve your lifestyle.

Switch to solar power

By using more solar power, we’re essentially tapping into the earth’s natural lighting to power our own lives. It’s a clean, emissions-free and renewable energy source that doesn’t put any harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions into the air and water.

Switch to a reusable coffee cup

Super easy, right?! But many of us have probably forgotten to get our reusable coffee cup back out of the cupboard now that we’re back to offices. There are so many great, eco-friendly and stylish ones to choose from. Here are some of our current favourites:

Switch to a water-saving showerhead

Investing in a water-saving showerhead will not only make you feel better about your daily routine, but you’ll also feel the benefit in your bank account.

Switching to a water-saving showerhead can save the average Australian family up to 2,700 gallons per year. With less energy needed to heat water, we’re also reducing our CO2 emissions.

Give your old wardrobe new life

Is there anything more satisfying than a good wardrobe clean out? Not only do you find those ‘hidden gems’ that you didn’t even realise you had but it also allows you to donate the ones you’re willing to part with to a local charity shop or community centre.

*PURE TIP: For any items that are stained or unwearable, try finding a local textile recycling service to give them to instead of it ending up in landfill.

Use a dishwasher instead of hand washing

This is one of these things where having a machine do the work for us really does save our time and water. Gone are the days where we thought scrubbing dirty dishes by hand was more eco-friendly.

When hand washing dirty plates, the constant on/off of the water and waiting for it to ‘get hot’ wastes more energy and water than popping a load on and getting it done all at once. So, let the dishwasher take care of it and enjoy more time with family or chilling out!

*PURE TIP: Don’ forget that Earth Hour takes place on Saturday 26 March. Join many Australians across the nation as they switch off their lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm to help make a small difference to our CO2 emissions. It’s a great initiative to get involved with before taking on those bigger switches.