Favourite Foodie: Jhanae Paule

How did you get into cooking?
I’ve always been fascinated with cooking, especially because my Mum is a cook, herself.
However, since adopting a vegan lifestyle, my passion for cooking peaked when I
developed new recipes and vegan alternatives!

What’s your favourite recipe from your blog or just life in general?
My favourite recipe would definitely be my Banana Bread recipe! After spending so long trialling
several different banana bread recipes, I finally developed one that was sweet and easy to make,
so of course, it’s my all-time favourite recipe!

Sum up your food philosophy in three words
Tasty, Healthy wholefoods

What’s your favourite food memory?
I can’t pin-point a precise food memory that I can identify as my favourite, but my favourite
moment when it comes to food and recipes is that moment when I bite into that piece of
pancake, or that crunch in a salad, or the sip of a smoothie; it’s the moment when your taste
buds are satisfied and your soul is filled with warmth.

What’s the one ingredient you have to have in your kitchen?
Buckwheat! The majority of my recipes are comprised of buckwheat and I honestly can’t identify
a day that goes by without me using some buckwheat flour or buckinis! It’s an all-around
ingredient that can be used for all kinds of meals and snacks!

What’s the best piece of cooking advice you’ve been given?
Cooking is a form of therapy: treat your food gently and perform with care. Put your heart and
soul into your cooking, then fill your heart and soul with what you consume.

Describe your favourite food day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!)
For breakfast, I’d devour a good old smoothie bowl (I love starting my day with some fruits),
especially during the summer! On winter days I’d go for a classic oatmeal and buckwheat
porridge or a classic stack of pancakes! For lunch, I absolutely love a fresh and giant Mexican salad bowl, with a lot of beans, salsa and of course, guacamole.
Dinner is always the perfect time for some comfort food and my go-to comfort food is a bowl of
some Asian stir-fry! It’s so tasty, simple and easy to make, how can it not be an essential meal? I like to stick with simple snacks, mostly bananas, watermelons and mangoes, but if I’m feeling like snacking on something crunchy, I always go for a home-made granola bar or some nice cream topped with homemade muesli.

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