Favourite Foodies: Wandercooks

This months favourite foodies are Laura & Sarah, the crazy quirky duo behind the blog Wandercooks. Their passion is to inspire their readers to discover intriguing world recipes, must-have pantry essentials and helpful cooking techniques that are easy to replicate at home.

We asked them a few questions about all things food and here is what they had to say…..

How did you get into cooking?
When we moved in together we set ourselves a challenge to cook a different meal every night for 6 months…and we did it! From there, we developed our love for cooking in the kitchen with wine in one hand and a tray of pre-dinner nibbles in the other – and music in the background of course! Experimenting with new flavours and exotic ingredients is what makes cooking fun for us – never a chore!

What’s your favourite recipe from your blog?
Oh, we’re not sure if we can answer that. We can tell you our most cooked recipe though – which is up there with one of our favourites – Taiwanese Breakfast Crepes.

They’re basically a thin crepe filled with egg, cheese and tuna with a sticky sweet chilli and soy sauce over the top. We love them because they use staple ingredients, are quick to make and super filling. We usually have them for a quick lunch at home.

Sum up your food philosophy in three words
Experimental, Fun and Cultural.

What’s your favourite food memory?
Sarah: Cooking my grandma and mum’s recipe for Pavlova and being told by the whole family it was one of the best they’d ever eaten.

Laura: In Chiang Mai, Thailand we found a noodle lady at a local food market who made the best noodle soup ever! We’d visit her every morning during our stay, about a 30min walk from our accommodation.

What’s the one ingredient you have to have in your kitchen?
Ahhhh don’t make us choose! We’re known as the hoarders of spice amongst friends. We have over 50 in our collection, and know that no matter what we cook, we always have them on hand to make obscure and tasty dishes. It also makes cooking different cuisines a breeze when you have most of the ingredients already on hand.

What’s the best piece of cooking advice you’ve been given?
Read a recipe, but be guided by your stomach.

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