Four different coconut milks for four different occasions

Our Quench Family of coconut milks is growing. Over the years our coconut based milk, Coco Quench has become a firm favourite among our customers. We get countless comments, messages, DM’s and tags across our social media platforms showcasing all the wonderful ways you guys like to enjoy our Coco Quench as part of a varied and nourishing diet.

Check out the #cocoquench if you want to see some seriously drool worthing food inspo ūüôā

To celebrate we wanted to share with you our favourite ways to enjoy each of these milks.

4 nut milks for 4 occasions

Coco Quench: Morning Coffee 

Coco Quench and coffee is a match made in heaven… at least we think so. It appears as do so many of your with the countless coconut lattes we get tagged in on Instagram ūüôā

Almond Quench: Afternoon smoothie 

We love having smoothies as an afternoon snack, it’s also a great way to get in added veg! Almond Quench gives it a creaminess like no other, add it to your smoothie next time you make it we promise it won’t disappoint!

Golden Quench: Dinner time curry 

This golden, spiced milk is perfect for adding to curries and savoury dishes. Spice up your next curry night by adding a splash of our Golden Quench to the recipe.

Hazel Quench: post dinner treats

Our Hazel Quench gives a delicious flavour to any of your baked goods. It pairs incredibly well with any form of chocolate treat,¬† think healthy forrero rocher¬†flavours… YUM!

We would love to hear from you. What are you favourite ways to enjoy Coco Quench and which new flavours are you most excited about?

Or head over to our instagram and use the #cocoquench and join the conversation!