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January 12, 2016

How To Make a Super Salad – 3 Easy Salad Dressings

Zingy Asian Salad Dressing // Pureharvest
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Love a good salad dressing? Well how about a super one! We have three tips for you today that will make sure every dressing you make will turn out super!

Because while we love to experiment by adding all sorts of herbs, mustards and other flavours, we always keep 3 key things in mind:

1) Use good quality ingredients

Why cover those nutritious salad greens in something that isn’t good for you? Invest in a quality organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a good sea salt and a proper vinegar, with the mother included.

2) Remember your ratios

Traditionally dressings operate on a ratio of 1 part vinegar (or other acidic ingredient like lemon juice) to 3 parts oil. While you don’t have to measure everything out exactly, keep this ration in mind to make sure your dressing is well balanced.

3) Salt first, then the oil

To ensure your dressing is uniformly seasoned, add the salt and mix with the other ingredients before adding the oil as the oil can stop the salt from mixing through evenly. And remember, if you are using a salty condiment to flavour your dressing, like tamari or miso paste, you probably won’t need to add any extra salt.

So with that in mind, why not try one of our three go-to salad dressing recipes that can dress up any salad or vegetable dish:

Classic Vinaigrette Dressing

Classic Vinaigrette Dressing // Pureharvest

Creamy Vegan Dressing

Salad 5 02-min

Zingy Asian Dressing

Zingy Asian Salad Dressing // Pureharvest