May 14, 2020

Make Sushi Rolls At Home

Perfectly portable and full of tasty things that are good for you, it’s not surprising that sushi has become a staple among so many of us.

But instead of having to rush out to buy it, have you thought about making your own? You don’t need to train your whole life in order to make a maki roll – you just need a few simple ingredients and a little know how to be on your way to a healthy lunch.

And the best part? You get to experiment with your own favourite flavour combinations and ingredients.

We’ve used some fresh veggies and tofu as the fillings here, but get creative and mix it up! Don’t like tofu or not so keen on rice? Why not try roasted veg and quinoa!

The choices are endless when you’re making your own, and it’s the perfect whatever’s-in-the-fridge meal.

All you need is:
2 cups cooked brown rice or sushi rice
125g fried tofu strips (check out our tasty fried tofu recipe)

4 strips carrot
4 strips Lebanese cucumber
4 strips avocado
2 sheets nori
Sushi mat (optional, available from supermarkets and asian grocery stores – some people find it easier to roll with a mat, others prefer to just use their hands)

All you have to do is:

1) Layout your fillings

How To Roll Sushi // Pureharvest

Place mat on a board and top with nori. Using your fingers, gently press about half the rice onto the sheet of nori, leaving a 3cm strip at the top free. Starting at the side closest to you, arrange horizontally 2 strips each of tofu and veggies.

2) Get rolling

How To Roll Sushi // Pureharvest

Beginning with the side closest to you, lift the mat using your thumbs while holding the filling in place with your other fingers. Fold the mat over the filling so that the rice meets. Continue to roll along the length of the roll, and then seal with the strip of nori left exposed at the top.

3) Slice and enjoy

How To Roll Sushi // Pureharvest

Transfer the roll to a board with the seam facing down and, using a wet serrated or sharp knife, cut the sushi roll into 3cm pieces. Repeat these 3 easy steps with the second roll and then serve with wasabi, tamari and ginger or pack it up for a seriously tasty meal, that’s ready to go whenever you’re feeling peckish.

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