June 19, 2021

Introducing NOM Milks

Introducing you to NOM Milks, a range of nutty oat milks that provide the ultimate taste, texture and enjoyment for non dairy milk consumers. Pureharvest’s NOM range is now available at Woolworths.

Our NOM range was created from a desire to bring the best elements of some of the best non dairy milks together. We love the nuttiness that Almond Milk provides and the unbeatable creaminess of Oat Milk. So we decided to bring these two elements together to create a unique range of non dairy milks that have the best of both. The NOM range is made up of four unbelievably creamy milks, three of which are now available at Woolworths supermarkets – Macadamia Dream, Nut Bliss & Lush Almond. The fourth milk in the range, Creamy Cashew is available from leading health food stores and independent supermarkets. 
Macadamia Dream is a smooth and creamy non dairy milk made from whole roasted Australian macadamia nuts blended with whole oats. Macadamia Dream is a unique plant based milk with a silky-smooth texture and a delicate nutty flavour. 
Nut Bliss is made from a delicate blend of whole organic hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews. These simple, natural ingredients are then paired with whole organic oats to create a wonderfully balanced, creamy milk. Nut Bliss matches beautifully with many things from coffee to cereal. 
Lush Almond is made from whole organic almonds, roasted to perfection. The almonds are then paired with whole organic oats for added sweetness and creaminess. Lush Almond is a uniquely creamy non dairy milk that can be enjoyed in many ways from cooking to drinking. 
The name says it all, Creamy Cashew is a rich and creamy non dairy milk made from whole organic roasted cashews blended with whole organic oats. Creamy cashew has a beautiful silky-smooth texture and delicious depth of flavour. 
Now Available at Woolworths 

We are so excited make our NOM milks more widely available. Our top priority at Pureharvest is to provide people with access to healthy, nutritious and organic food products that are good for you and the planet. Now the NOM milks are available at Woolworths, they are more accessible to more people.  Find three of the NOM milks, Nut Bliss, Lush Almond and Macadamia Dream in the long life milk aisle at Woolworths supermarkets Australia wide. 

All four flavours are also still available at local health food stores and smaller independent supermarkets all across Australia.