Fun Froyo Pops

Fun Froyo Pops

16 Small Icy Poles
Prep Time
5 Minutes + 4 Hours setting time

There’s no escaping the froyo craze that is sweeping the nation – it seems like every main street or shopping centre has at least 2, if not 3 or 4, of  these froyo place, each with its own pun-tastic name. While in theory the idea of frozen yoghurt as a snack seems like a healthy choice, the “yoghurt” can often be packed with cane sugar and preservatives – and that’s before you even get to the toppings, some of which are decidedly unhealthy! More like faux-yo then froyo.

But what can you do when the little people in your lives (or the big ones too!) get swept up in the froyo madness and demand a frozen fix, especially now that the weather is warming up? Never fear! We have a healthy alternative, and once you see how quick and easy it is to make you won’t be joining the froyo queue anymore.

We’ve jotted down 2 different flavour combinations here but the best thing about this recipe is how easily it can be adapted. So as summer comes on and different fruits come into season, feel free to experiment with your favourite flavour combinations. Here at Pureharvest we can’t wait for mango season to start, but we’ve got a feeling  that a peach and banana combo would work out pretty alright too…

Make these whenever you have ripe bananas – they’ll keep in the freezer for about a month – so when those calls for froyo come, you’ll have these on hand!


*Don’t have ice cream moulds? Don’t worry, you can always substitute with small cups and some paddle pop sticks or plastic spoons. Just give the mixture time to set a little in the freezer before placing the sticks in, that way the sticks will stay upright.

Fun Froyo Pops // Pureharvest

Strawberry and Coconut Froyo Pops
400 g strawberries
1 medium banana
1 cup Pureharvest Coco Quench,
1/2 cup coconut or regular yoghurt
3 tbsps Pureharvest Rice Malt Syrup,
1 tsp fresh lime juice
Blueberry Banana Swirl Froyo Pops
3 medium bananas
1 handful blueberries
1 cup Pureharvest Coco Quench,
1/2 cup coconut or regular yoghurt
2 tbsps Pureharvest 100% AUSTRALIAN RAW HONEY,
1 tsp ground vanilla

Place all ingredients in the blender and process until smooth. For the Banana Blueberry Pops, to get the ripple effect, don't mix the berries with the other ingredients, instead, pour the mix into the moulds then drop in the berries.

Pour into the ice cream moulds and freeze. Once solid (approximately 3.5-4 hrs) remove from the moulds and enjoy!

Should you have any mixture left over once you've filled up the moulds, these taste fantastic as a smoothie. Or you can always freeze any leftovers in ice cube trays and save as a no-prep smoothie for when you're on the go. Simply let the ice cubes thaw slightly before whizzing them in a blender and you'll have a delicious, icy, instant smoothie ;)


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