How To Make Your Own (Vegan) Mayo

Prep Time5 Minutes

How To Make Your Own (Vegan) Mayo

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Today we’re going to show you how to make your own mayonnaise – and not just any mayo, a vegan one, so that everyone can enjoy it. It’s so simple you couldn’t even call it a recipe – it’s more  a quick putting together of a couple of basic ingredients. Have fun experimenting with whatever you have on hand or what flavours in your meal you’d like to compliment. Sheila shows you in the video below how easy it is to whip up!

Since making this mayo, we’ve used it to dress potato salads, spiced up our sandwiches and dipped baked sweet potato chips in it and even used it to top our tacos!

We’ve given you our versatile vegan mayonnaise recipe and then a few suggestions of our favourite ways to spice up your sauce. As you can see, just by adding a few different ingredients you can completely transform your mayo, and your meal.

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