Chickpea and Vegetable Pasta Salad

Chickpea and Vegetable Pasta Salad


How to make a delicious and comforting pasta salad!

1. Roast some vegetables

Save time by roasting a big batch of your favourite winter veg that you can use throughout the week – sweet potato, beetroot and pumpkin all go well in a salad.

2. Choose a hearty base

Think quinoa, millet, pasta or rice to give your salad some oomph.

3. Go green

Go to town with your favourite greens – kale, spinach or a mix of leaves.

4. Pack in some protein

We love adding legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans or a delicious feta or goat’s cheese.

5. Add your secret ingredient

Add in some citrus, either the juice in the dressing or grate the zest over the salad to give your salad the perfect lift!

These tips give you something to experiment with but we’ve also included the recipe for our favourite Chickpea and Vegetable Pasta Salad.


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3 cups chickpeas
250 g spelt pasta
whole grain, cooked (we used drelli)
1/2 butternut squash
cut into small pieces
1 carrot
cut into flowers
1 red capsicum
with pith and seeds removed, cut into small pieces
1 bunch broccolini
cut into pieces
1 juice and rind lemon
2 tbsps Pureharvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 tbsps Pureharvest Apple Cider Vinegar
salt and pepper
to taste

Place the pumpkin in a baking dish with a little olive oil and salt and roast in the oven until cooked and slightly caramelised. This should take around 30-40 mins.

While the pumpkin is roasting, cook the pasta and drain well. Then mix in a large bowl with the cooked chickpeas.

Blanch the carrot, capsicum and broccolini separately being careful not to over cook them as they will lost their crispness and beautiful colour. Add the vegetables to the pasta and chickpeas.

Whisk the lemon juice, rind oil and apple cider vinegar in a small bowl to make the dressing. Mix the dressing through the pasta and vegetables and season with salt and pepper.



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