Iced Almond Mocha

Iced Almond Mocha

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I know it’s only spring but really any excuse to make a delicious iced coffee is okay with me ­čÖé

As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, I find myself craving iced cold beverages. All I want to do is soak up the warm sunshine, sip on a delicious beverage and day dream the day away.

This Iced Almond Mocha is a great alternative for the iced coffees you can buy from the store that are generally loaded with sugar and nasty additives.

The addition of COCO┬▓ into the mix makes it the perfect treat to enjoy on a sunny afternoon or as a mid-morning pick me up!

Also you can easily make it ahead of time and just store it in the fridge to enjoy on the go.

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1 cup Pureharvest Activated Almond Milk,
1 tbsp Pureharvest Coco┬▓ Almond,
1 espresso
(I used a Republic coffee capsule)

Make your espresso (I personally love my Nespresso machine and use it on the daily with my Republica coffee capsules). Add the COCO┬▓ to the hot coffee and mix well.

Place a generous handful of ice cubes into a tall glass. Pour in the almond milk, coffee and chocolate mixture.

It really is as simple as that!


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