Green Crepes with Hazelnut Spread

Green Crepes with Hazelnut Spread

1 1/2 cup Pureharvest Oat Milk,
1 cup soda water
3 eggs
1 tsp Pureharvest Rice Malt Syrup,
2-3 tbsps Republica Green Mix
2 cups flour
Organic coconut oil
Pureharvest Coco² Hazelnutto spread

Combine the Oat Milk, soda water, eggs and Rice Malt Syrup in a blender. Then add your plain flour, Republica Organic mix and blend again. It's as simple as that, just cover the batter and chill it for an hour or so until it's ready.

Once our batter is chilled, put a teaspoon of coconut oil into a medium frying pan and heat it over medium eat. Now you are ready to make your crepes.

Use a ladle to pour about 3 teaspoons of batter into the pan, then swirl the pan so that the batter covers the base. In 2 or 3 minutes the crepe should be lightly golden. Turn it over and cook for a further minute. Transfer the crepe to a plate and cover generously with Pureharvest COCO² Hazelnut spread.

Enjoy for a delicious weekend breakfast.


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