Healthy snacking

We’ve all been there… 3pm hanger hits hard and the only thing that can rectify it devouring something delicious. But instead of reaching for that processed chocolate bar loaded with unnecessary ingredients, why not go for a better homemade alternative.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite 3pm hunger savers below. From chocolate slices, to gluten free muffins there’s something for everyone.

Jammie Dodger

Perfect to pair with an cup of tea or an Almond Quench Decaf Coffee

Raw Mocha Slice

The perfect snack to keep in your desk draw and enjoy whenever that unexpected hanger hits.

Blueberry Cinnamon Muffin

For our gluten free lovers out there, these muffins are the bomb!

Chocolate Oaty Coconut Biscuit

These cookies are the perfect chocolate Anzac biscuit hybrid and will last incredibly well in an airtight container in your desk draw.

Plum Slice

This slice is the perfect alternative to those fruit filled snack bars you can get. The plum paired with crumbly oat topping and biscuit base is the perfect balance.

What are your favourite afternoon snacks? Let us know by leaving a comment and sharing your go-to’s.

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