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December 05, 2019

The Christmas Edit: Sustainable Gift Giving

Christmas can be a difficult time when it comes to sustainability. It is a time of year when consumerism is at an all time high and we want to encourage gift giving while still trying to be a bit sustainable. We’ve put a few of our favourite ideas and gifts we are going to be giving this year below.

Gift an experience

Rather than gifting a physical item this Christmas why not gift an experience, an activity that can be enjoyed together. The list of activities perfect for gifting is endless but we wanted to share a few of our favourites that we know we’d love to do with friends and family.

A Cooking class
A weekend away at an Eco Hotel
A pottery class

Reusable Items

For all the friends and family members that are keen to be better on the sustainability front. Using reusable items that replace single use products can be a wonderful way to start. Why not kick start their sustainability journey this Christmas with one of the following items:

Reusable drink containers

Insulated Water Bottle

Whether you want your drink ice cold or piping hot, an insulated water bottle will be your best friend. Our personal pick is the Hydro Flask. Customise the perfect bottle for a gift this Christmas.

Reusable Kids Drink Bottle

Frank Green, is our FAVOURITE reusable coffee cup brand. They have just brought out an amazing new kids range. Now the whole family can have matching Frank Green drinks.

We hope this sparked some inspiration and encouraged you to be a little more sustainable this Christmas. It’s a work in progress and we can all do a little bit for the planet one gift at a time :)

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