Top cold weather breakfast ideas

The following recipes are our top winter breakfast ideas that aren’t just the same old porridge. Don’t get us wrong, we are HUGE fans of porridge and we could pretty happily have the same creamy porridge recipe every morning. However, we appreciate it is sometimes nice to spice things up a bit.

No need to ramble on any more, let’s get on with the amazing winter breakfast recipes.

Kicking it off with a simple porridge style breakfast. Think of this as a healthy dessert style breakfast with a hidden hit of veggies.

Chocolate Hazelnut Zoats

If you’re short on time but still want something hearty and filling in the morning these breakfast muffins are the one for you. Make up a batch on the weekend and you’ll have a quick easy breakfast ready to go.

Breakfast Muffins

Not a fan of oats? Why not give quinoa porridge a go. Quinoa is a high protein, gluten free pseudo cereal making it a great option for anyone with a gluten intolerance. It will fill you up and give you enough energy to help you through a busy morning.

Spiced Quinoa Porridge

Spiced Quinoa Porridge // Pureharvest

Granola may not be the most obvious choice for a cold winter morning. However, we have recently been LOVING granola with warm milk. It’s the perfect middle grown between cereal and porridge. If you’ve never tried it give it a go.

Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola // Pureharvest
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