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May 17, 2017

What’s The Secret Behind This Hormone Balancing Herb?

Maca root is a vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous family, which is also home to broccoli and cabbage. Maca has been used for millions of years in traditional medicine and cooking in South American countries, such as Peru.

So why has this ancient vegetable been deemed a “superfood”. Is it really worth adding this “magic” powder to our diet? We believe YES!

The many health benefits associated with maca include energy balance, hormone balance and fertility.**

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Hormone Balancing
Balancing our hormones can have a drastic effect on overall health. An hormone imbalance can have a drastic impact on our overall health including weight gain, fatigue and illness.

Energy Boosting
This is also why maca is believed to help increase energy levels and fertility. When our hormones are balanced our bodies tend to overrate at their best meaning we feel energised and healthy.

Improved Fertility
Maca is also an adaptogen. Adaptogens are known for their benefits in helping the body overcome and deal with various stressors. Maca has shown to have positive effects on energy, mood and stamina as well as sex drive and fertility.

Try this recipe from Mind Body Green, Energy-Boosting Maca Truffles

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Check out this article from Health Ambition for a more extensive review of this fascinating herb.


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