Why we use whole ACTIVATED ingredients in our milks

You may or may have not heard about soaking nuts and legumes before cooking and eating. Activating (soaking) beans alters them in a few ways in regards to nutrition and taste. We want to discuss the process of activating and hopefully reduce some of the confusion around it. We also want to help explain why we activate the nuts and beans before we use them to make our non-dairy milks.

All of our Pureharvest products are made from whole, natural ingredients. We use whole almonds and whole soy beans in our Almond Milks and Soy Milks respectively. We choose to use whole ingredients rather than isolates, powders or flours in any of our milks because we believe using whole ingredients provides better health benefits for you as well as a great tasting products.

Let’s look at our organic soy milks as an example. At the very beginning of our soy milk production we activate the whole organic soy beans by soaking them for a minimum of 12 hours. Once we’ve got the activated beans we can move onto the next stage of production. But why activate? Let’s explain.

Whole soy beans contain proteins known as lectins. Lectins are a protein that bind to sugar. These lectins are often referred to as nutrient inhibitors as they can limit the ability of our body to effectively absorb the nutrients found in beans and nuts – this is where activating the beans comes into play.

Soaking the soy beans help to break down these nutrient barriers. This helps our bodies to more effectively absorb the nutrients from the beans. Here is a snapshot of what activating beans helps to achieve:

  1. Reduces phytic acids
  2. Reduces tannins and polyphenols
  3. Promotes production of beneficial enzymes (which serves to further reduce phytic acids and polyphenols)
  4. Improves the body’s ability to absorb minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium
  5. Makes proteins more available for absorption
  6. Reduces anti-nutritional enzyme inhibitors  
  7. Removes gas-causing compounds
  8. Decreases cooking time and improves food texture

These are the core reasons as to why we choose to activate the whole organic soybeans and whole nuts that we use to make our milks. It provides you, our customers, with a better product.

We always endeavour to bring you delicious products that are made from natural, organic and whole food ingredients. By going the extra mile and activating the nuts and beans we can create a fantastic product that is great for you and tastes amazing too.

If you are interested in learning more about our organic milks that are made from key activated ingredients please click the links below.

Check out our activated milks below:







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