Your Guide to Alternative Milks

Have you been thinking about switching to a plant based diet? Many people are choosing to switch out their dairy milk consumption for more non-dairy alternatives. With dairy milk using approx. 1020 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk deciding to consume plant based milk alternatives can be a fantastic first step on a path to being more environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, the varieties of non-dairy milks available now is incredible. Gone are the days when the only places to find non dairy milks, were in the dusty corners of small health food shops. Now you can simply walk into your local supermarket and you’ll find many varieties of non dairy milks lining the aisle and taking up a large portion of the long life milk section.

Here at Pureharvest we are proud to say that we one of the first companies to make non-dairy milks available in Australia. In 1987 we were the first Australian company to sell locally made whole bean soy milk. We then went on to introduce rice, oat and almond milk to Australian consumers too. So whether you’re thinking about making the switch to a plant based alternative, have just made the switch or made the switch a long time ago we’ve got a non dairy milk for you.

We now produce over 10 different organic non dairy milks. Each one with a unique flavour, texture and nutritional profile.

All of our milks are organic and contain no artificial colours, preservatives, thickeners or gums. We pride ourselves of producing top quality products that are made from real, natural ingredients without compromising on taste.

We believe all our milks taste fantastic, however we know that everyone has their own preference when it comes to flavour and texture. We thought we would break it down for you to help you make the right decision and find the milk that’s a perfect fit for you.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is a good one for people that are new to the world on plant based milks. It has a relatively neutral flavour and creaminess that can be likened to full fat dairy milk. Now don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t taste like cows milk, but it is a nice bridging milk for people who have never had alternative milks before. Furthermore, soy milk has one of the highest protein contents of all non dairy milks. This means that it can easily be substitute for cows milk in cooking, especially in things like custards. One of our soy milks (Nature’s Soy Enriched) also contains added calcium, which many people look for when switching from dairy milk.

We have four version of soy milk that you can pick from, so no matter you preference we’ll have a soy milk for you.

Nature’s Soy Original

Nature’s Soy Lite

Nature’s Soy Enriched

Nature’s Soy Unsweetened

Coconut Milk

Our Coco Quench coconut milk is our best seller and for good reason. It’s smooth, creamy and has a deliciously nutty sweet undertone. Coco Quench is a wonderful option for those who cannot consume other non dairy milks such as almond milk or oat milk due to allergies or intolerances. Coco Quench works incredibly well in coffee. It has been picked up by many cafes around Australia. A Coco Flat White or Coconut Latte is now a popular milk that you’ll find on many cafe menus.

Coco Quench is also great to use in savoury dishes such as soups and curries. Replace full fat coconut milk that comes in a can with Coco Quench to create lighter curries and soups.

Our Coco Quench is so popular we decided to expand the Quench range to include more coconut based variations including the following.

Coco Quench

Hazel Quench

Almond Quench

Golden Quench

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a hugely popular non dairy milk alternative and has been around for years. Many people choose almond milk because it has a mild flavour, and is quite light while still being super creamy.

Almond milk is also a lower calorie alternative to some of the other richer non-dairy milks available. Another reason why many consumers opt for almond milks.

Both of our almonds milks are made from activated whole organic almonds. The reason we activate the almonds is to begin the germination process which helps bring the nut ‘to life’. This makes the almonds more easily digestible and helps remove some of the phytonutrients that are present. We do not use any pastes or flours to produce our milks just real whole food ingredients.

We have two almonds milks, both of which are hugely popular with consumers

Original Activated Almond Milk

Unsweetened Activated Almond Milk

Oat Milk

Oat milk has a thick, creamy consistency that works wonders in coffee. Oat milk has been around for years but has recently seen a huge boost in popularity particularly in the US and UK. It has become a favourite among baristas. If you haven’t tried oat milk in coffee we really recommend you give it a go, it froths incredibly well and has such a wonderful smooth texture.

When choosing which oat milk to purchase we encourage you to look at the ingredient list. Many milk alternatives on the market contain thickeners, preservatives and gums that just aren’t necessary. Our Pureharvest Organic Oat milk is made from simple, natural ingredients and still has the delightfully creamy texture that you want.

Organic Oat Milk

Rice Milk

Rice Milk is a great one for parents who want to encourage their children to drink more plant based milks. It has a naturally sweet taste making it very appealing to kinds and teenagers. It’s great to drink on it’s own or have with breakfast cereal. We also produce an organic rice milk with added calcium so if calcium is an important factor for you our Rice Milk Enriched may be the way to go.

Original Rice Milk

Enriched Rice Milk

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