Lunch box inspiration

Thinking up new foods to pop into lunch boxes everyday can be overwhelming, especially for […]

Eating for ourselves and our planet

More than ever people are talking about the importance of sustainability. The need to preserve […]

Choosing an almond milk for you

The world of non-dairy milks has exploded in the last few years. With more plant […]

Our top picks for 2019 food trends

Companies and people all around the world have put in their bids for what they […]

Working towards a renewable future

All Pureharvest products are now partially produced by Solar Power! As a natural and organic […]

Meet the milk: Hazel Quench

Meet the milk Our Hazel Quench is a light and creamy coconut milk with a […]

Cooking… it’s more than just the food

Cooking with love, it’s more than just the ingredients With our fast paced modern life […]

Navigating our relationships with food

Food and nutrition is a hot topic but can also be a very overwhelming one […]

Sustainable swaps

“Learning to live more consciously”  Ditch the take-away coffee cup We all love a big […]

Beat PMS cravings…

This blog post originally featured on the website, Bright Girl Health We wanted to share […]

Health Benefits of Coconut

Did you hear, we’ve added three new milks to our Quench range, a coconut based […]

Cool coconut facts

<p style=”text-align: center;”>We’ve been talking all things coconut on the blog this month in celebration […]

Cooking with Coco Quench

Our Quench Family of coconut milks is growing. Over the years our coconut based milk, […]

Ditching dairy: plant based calcium

One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘how much calcium do Pureharvest milks contain […]

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day

We all have/know/are… A modern day superwomen. Mums are amazing! They cook, clean, look after […]

Play time in the kitchen: cooking with the kids

I practically grew up in the kitchen. Being the second youngest in a family of […]

Cooking for the season: Autumnal Recipes

As the months fly by (I still can’t believe it’s May next week!) we are […]

Our top Anzac Biscuits Recipes

Anzac biscuits have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) established in World […]

Poor digestion? Give these things a go!

Start your day with a herbal tea  Many people can struggle to get enough water […]

Favourite Foodie: Monique from Nourish Everyday

How did you get into cooking? I became really interested in cooking alongside becoming interested […]

All the chocolate and none of the guilt… Happy Easter

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer volume of easter eggs […]

What we’re listening to: our current favourite health podcasts!

We have been really enjoying listening to podcasts recently. Whether it’s on your morning commute […]

Reduce waste…how to use up your nut milk

One of our most frequently asked questions is can we freeze Pureharvest non-dairy milk? Simply […]

Is this newly legalised food worth the hype?

Is hemp worth the hype? In Australia we can finally get our hands on hemp […]

Treat yourself this Valentines Day with these delightful recipes

Chocolate is a foodies love language so why not go that little extra mile this […]

5 Summer Smoothie Hacks

Smoothies are such a great summer breakfast or afternoon snack. One of our favourite things […]

Australia Day the Healthy Way

Let’s take Australia Day to celebrate everything about this wonderful country! The ancient history; the […]

The supermarket “health food” aisle. Is it really healthy?

Are our supermarket health food aisles actually healthy? Every-time we walk into the supermarket there […]

Our pick of 2018’s top health trends

According to Wholefoods Market, one of the world’s leading health food retailers there are some […]

Favourite Foodie: Jhanae Paule

How did you get into cooking? I’ve always been fascinated with cooking, especially because my […]

Eating Seasonally: Summer

It’s summer time! Beach days, summer holidays, BBQ’s and so much more Top 5 reasons […]

November Monthly Giveaway

This month we are giving away our Organic Quinoa Rice Cakes!!! Enter the November Giveaway […]

Favourite Foodies: Wandercooks

This months favourite foodies are Laura & Sarah, the crazy quirky duo behind the blog […]

Healthy Halloween Hacks, no tricks just treats!

Halloween is getting more and more popular here in Australia. Usually, halloween means A LOT […]

Why we say NO to GM Food

We get a few comments, emails and queries from you guys as to our stance […]

Favourite Foodie: Rachel from Flora and Flow

Today we are sharing an insight into the kitchen and cooking life of Rachel, from […]

5 Comforting Nighttime Drinks

Let me paint a picture for you, it’s gone 8pm.. dinner was a while ago […]

Magic Medicinal Mushrooms; Hoax or Hero?

Medicinal mushrooms have made their way into the trendy hip cafes across Australia and around […]

The importance of Protein… what is it and why do we need it?

This blog post is brought to you by Matt Caldicott and the amazing team over at […]

Is your diet fuelling your anxiety?

We all know that a wholesome, balanced diet has numerous health benefits. Eating well and […]

September Monthly Giveaway

This month we are giving away Rice Malt Syrup!!! Enter the September Giveaway by filling […]

Favourite Foodie: Emerson Cooks

We are so pumped to bring you this months Favourite Foodie, Emerson Cooks. He is […]

Eating Seasonally: Spring

Step into Spring….. The blossoms are blooming, the air is fresh and summer is around […]

Spice up Taco Tuesday with these recipes

Who doesn’t love a good Mexican feast, am I right?! Well we’ve got two fantastic […]

August Monthly Giveaway – Coco Quench

This month we are giving away a months supply of COCO QUENCH Enter the August […]

Favourite Foodie: Stephanie from Friendly Little Kitchen

This months Favourite Foodie is the beautiful Stephanie from Friendly Little Kitchen. Steph hails from […]

Probiotics and prebiotics, what’s all the fuss about?

Let’s talk about gut health, one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness […]

The Wellness Edit: Yoga

YOGA…. Some of us may be seasoned pros and some of us may be complete […]

Turmeric, what’s all the hype about?

Have you been to a trendy café lately, read the menu and stumbled across ‘Golden […]

Favourite Foodie: Sam from Wholesome Patisserie

This month’s Favourite Foodie is the wonderful Sam, the mastermind and incredibly talented lady behind […]

The Cafe Edit: Ground Yourself Cafe

We absolutely love everything that Ground Yourself Cafe embodies. The food philosophy this cafe has […]

July Giveaway – Golden Quench

This month we are giving away a months supply of GOLDEN QUENCH Enter the July […]

Seasonal Eating: Winter

Here is our second instalment of Seasonal Eating. Today we are talking about all the […]

Favourite Foodie: Amy Darcy from Eat Pray Workout

  How did you get into cooking? I married when I was 21 and moved […]

June Monthly Giveaway

*This giveaway has now closed – but sign up to our newsletter to be the […]

What’s the secret behind this hormone balancing herb?

Maca root is a vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous family, which is also home […]

The 411 on Natural Sweeteners

Everywhere we turn these days someone is saying something about sugar…. the good, the bad […]

Our Guide to a Happy & Healthy Easter

Having a Healthy Easter Easter is such a special time of year to spend with […]

Seasonal Eating: Autumn

Today we want to share with you some of our favourite autumn foods. In our […]

Melbourne’s HAPPIEST brunch spot

Serotonin Eatery is one of our personal favourites. Opening it’s doors in one of Melbourne’s […]

Favourite Foodie: Jess from Mindful Moose

Meet Jess, she’s the wonder woman behind the incredible Instagram Mindful Moose. Jess has a […]

Favourite Foodie: Stephanie Claire Smith

We are beyond excited to introduce to you the fitness loving, down to earth Instagram […]

A PROUD Sponsor: Helmets for Kids Program

Today we want to draw attention to a program that we hold dear to our […]

Mindful Minutes

Mindfulness has really taken a front seat in the health and wellness scene over the […]

Pureharvest in Goodness Me Box

We are so excited to announce that our Pureharvest Unsweetened Organic Activated Almond Milk will […]

The Cafe Edit: Nutrition Republic

Today’s pick for the Cafe Edit is Nutrition Republic. We have been big fans of […]

Our Favourite Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Is your other half into all things health, fitness and wellness? Spoil them this Valentine’s […]

The Nutrition Edit: Probiotic Drinks

Today’s blog is all about two powerhouse probiotic drinks: Kombucha and Kefir. KOMBUCHA Kombucha seems to […]

Nourished Life Giveaway

*This giveaway has now closed – but keep your eyes on our blog for other […]

Favourite Foodie: Heidi from Apples Under My Bed

Meet Heidi, she’s a qualified nutritionist who’s blog and instagram Apples Under My Bed have […]

Favourite Foodie: Minty and Bee

Busra Erkan is the foodie extraordinaire behind the glorious @mintyandbee Instagram account, and today she […]

Favourite Foodies: Martyna Angell

You may already have heard of Martyna Angell aka The Wholesome Cook thanks to her […]

New Beginnings

February 8th was the Lunar New Year – traditionally a time to reflect over the […]

How To Make a Super Salad – 3 Easy Salad Dressings

Love a good salad dressing? Well how about a super one! We have three tips […]

Are you absorbing enough iron?

It is quite common for vegetarians and vegans to have lower iron stores than non-vegetarians. […]

A Christmas Gift for You

It comes as no surprise to know that gratitude relaxes the body, reduces stress, helps […]

How To: Edible Christmas Gifts

Looking for interesting Christmas gifts for friends and family? A homemade gift can be a […]

Nature is good for you!

We all know getting out into nature is beneficial for both our minds and our […]

Mindful Eating

There’s been a lot about mindfulness in the news lately, especially in the health and […]

Middle Eastern Feasts

This month we’re delving into Middle Eastern cuisine and exploring all that this rich food […]

Favourite Foodies – Kyrstie Barcak

Meet the lovely Kyrstie Barcak, the lady with one amazing veggie garden who blogs about […]

Favourite Foodies: Taline Gabrielian

Favourite foodies is where we get the chance to introduce you to inspiring people whose […]


  New beginnings… green shoots, blossom, promise, days getting longer. In Chinese medicine spring is […]

Step into Spring

The days are getting lighter, there’s blossoms on the trees already and you know that […]

Citrus Cheer

The meyer lemon in our garden has been a delight to behold over this cold […]

Citrus Month

Let’s celebrate citrus! One of winter’s best gifts, citrus fruits are something we go crazy […]

How To Make Your Own Spice Mixes

What better way to spice up your cooking than with your own mixes, blends and […]

How To Jazz Up Your Pumpkin Soup

Ahhh… pumpkin soup. There’s nothing like sitting down to a warm, golden bowl like this. […]

One Pot Wonders

In case the cooler weather and shorter days haven’t told you, it’s officially winter. It’s […]

How to Host a Dinner Party: DIY Noodle Bar

The “main meal” can often be an intimidating part of hosting a dinner party – […]

Colourful Canapés

Snacks, canapés, nibbles, tapas – whatever you like to call them, little bites to eat […]

How to Host a Dinner Party: Drinks

What’s the first thing you need to do when guests arrive? Give them a welcoming […]

How to Host a Mother’s Day Brunch

  Preparing food with love is one of the most satisfying ways of showing that […]

How To Bake Gluten-Free

With the weather turning colder, we figured it’s a good time to get baking. Not […]

How To Pickle

Heard a lot about the benefits of fermented foods recently but still not sure you […]

How To Become a Sushi Master

Perfectly portable and full of tasty things that are good for you, it’s not surprising […]

How To: Dress Up Your Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are packed full of nutrients and energy, and that they […]

Who Likes Chocolate?

Hooray! It’s the Friday before the long weekend! But at Pureharvest HQ it’s not the […]

How To: Have a Healthy New Year (i.e. drink more water)

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015 – we hope that the coming year has wonderful […]

How To: Make Your Own (Vegan) Mayo

Today in our How To With Pureharvest series we’re going to share a well-kept foodie […]

How To: Make Your Own Jam

Judging by the response to our last How To With Pureharvest, it seems like a […]

How To: Be Your Own Almond Butter Boss

  Delicious, full of fibre and healthy fats – almonds, and almond butter in particular, […]

Rice Malt Challenge Winning Recipe – Shelley’s Pure Hot Chocolate

You voted for it so here it is – the recipe for Shelley’s Pure Hot […]