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Our Commitments

At PureHarvest it is our mission to share products that create healthier and happier people. We believe the consumption of quality food helps to create a stronger body and a clearer mind. We believe that people should consume products that are free of artificial contaminants and are as close to their natural state as possible, and our goal is to make these products readily available to all.

Our commitment to making a positive difference is centered in a respect for community and the nourishing ingenuity of nature. We have a history of innovation and are always looking for methods and products that will benefit the industry, our customers, and the community.

More nourishment from less processing.

We believe that foods made from whole, natural, and organic ingredients are better for us and help us live happy and healthy lives.

It is our priority to provide certified organic ingredients in our products wherever possible. Organic farmers do not use chemicals (pesticides, fungicides or fertilisers) in an environmentally harmful manner.

We value the importance of organic farming and believe it is one of the best ways we can help nurture our bodies and the natural biodiversity of our planet.

Whole Foods
We believe nature does a wonderful job of creating nutritious and tasty food, and that it is important to use the whole food to make full use of these benefits.

We minimise processing in all of the products we make to ensure they are as close to their natural form as possible. This also allows us to maximise the taste and nutritional value of the food we consume.

At PureHarvest we believe in foods which have been developed naturally and sustainably, foods that have been nourishing humans for generations.

We believe the cultivation of genetically modified organisms and their inclusion in our food supply could pose a serious threat to human, animal and environmental health and is contrary to our vision of a healthy and sustainable future.

More flavour from less additives.

We believe the food you buy should be made up of ingredients as understandable and simple as the food you make at home.

No Isolates or Pastes
We use whole ingredients rather than heavily processed isolates, powders, or pastes in our products.

The high quality natural ingredients we use means there is no need for any of the additives or preservatives other products contain.

No Gums or Thickeners
We ensure we always keep our ingredient lists short, simple, and made up of ingredients that everyone could recognise. We do not use any gums or thickeners in our products.
No Colours or Flavours
Our products do not contain any added colours or flavours.

More nature from less waste.

By keeping things whole and simple we aim to minimise the impact of our foods on the environment, so we can all enjoy more of it.

Sustainable Sourcing
Because we use certified organic ingredients in our products you can be confident that they come from ethical and sustainable sources, traced all the way through the supply chain. Organic growing methods are earth friendly; weeds and pests are controlled using environmentally sound practices which sustain the health of our planet.

We are a member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade organisations, and do our best to ensure every step of our supply chain is sustainable and ethical.

Sustainable Packaging
We are constantly looking to minimise the impact we have on our environment. Our packaging uses reusable and recyclable material with the most sustainable outcomes whenever possible, and we work with our suppliers to ensure they are working towards the same goal.

We are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper in our products. You can view our APCO Action Plan and Annual Report here.

Part of our mission at PureHarvest is to minimise any negative impact on the environment and reduce waste. We encourage all our consumers to recycle and dispose of our packaging responsibly.

As members of the Australasian Recycling Label Program and the REDcycle program, we are proud to be members of initiatives that promote responsible recycling here in Australia and further afield. We believe recycling is an important aspect of being a sustainable and ethical Australian business.

More community from less distance.

As a family founded Australian business, we truly value the importance of the communities around us.

Proudly Australian
Being a fully Australian owned and run business we are proud to continue to be one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of natural and organic foods.

We started out as a small family business and have maintained strong core family values and family involvement as we have grown over the last 40 years, and have no intention to change into the future.

Local Families
Since we began as a small health food store in Prahran, Victoria, we have been providing families with healthy, natural food products. As we have grown we have maintained our mission to connect with local people and communities.

Our factory is now located in Drouin, Victoria, and we are proud of the valuable contribution that members of local families make within our business.

Community Support
We believe getting involved and supporting local communities is a responsibility we all share; from the communities helping grow food ingredients, to those supporting local stores that carry our products.

We are proud to sponsor community groups, teams, and initiatives all over the world that help support us and the products we make.