May 30, 2022

New Plant Milk Alert!

We’ve been busy tinkering away in the kitchen in order to bring you four new plant milks! These are an addition to our range of organic plant milks and will provide more choices so you always have the perfect milk for every occasion.

These new milks will be hitting shelves in Woolworths and independent supermarkets this week. Try them all and head to our facebook or instagram and let us know what you think! Now without further ado let’s introduce our new plant milks!

Australian Macadamia Milk

Macadamia milk is making waves in Europe and the US so it only makes sense to bring it down under, where the macadamia truly belongs. We make this milk using roasted Australian macadamias and it tastes fantastic. Macadamias are full of healthy natural fats which provides an amazing creamy vanilla taste when used to make plant milk. It’s perfect as a vegan alternative to regular dairy milk when used in your morning coffee or smoothie!

Creamy Oat Milk

Don’t worry we aren’t getting rid of our Organic Oat Milk Unsweetened, it’s been around for 25 years and isn’t going anywhere! But we did think it was time to give our customers another option, which is why we are bringing you Organic Oat Milk Creamy.

It’s still made with the same high quality ingredients as the original but we’ve tweaked the recipe to offer an oat milk with a lighter, subtle oat flavour, and a super creamy texture. Try it with our Organic Muesli or in your morning coffee and you will see what we mean!

Organic Hazelnut Milk

Hazelnuts have an amazing natural sweetness and rich nutty flavour which is why they are perfect for turning into a plant milk. By lightly roasting the nuts we are able to bring out even more flavour which is what makes our Organic Hazelnut milk taste so incredible. Enjoy this unique and delicious beverage for yourself soon!

Organic Cashew Milk

Our new cashew milk ticks all the PureHarvest boxes:


✔No additives

✔Understandable ingredients



What’s left to say? It’s super versatile so you can use it any way you would dairy milk, it’s even great for baking!

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