Enjoy More From Less

More nourishment from less processing.

Our products are made from whole, natural, and organic ingredients. We believe nature does a wonderful job of creating nutritious and tasty food, and that it is important to use whole foods to make full use of these benefits.

More flavour from less additives.

We believe that the food you buy should be as understandable as the food you make at home. Our products taste great naturally, and we don’t spoil them with any unnatural additives.

More nature from less waste.

By keeping things whole and simple we aim to minimise our impact on the environment, so we can all enjoy more of it. Our products are made with ethical, sustainably sourced, ingredients and packaging.

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Oh yeah, lush as promised πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ I almost felt guilty having this with my hot chocolate powder and chocolate cereal, as if the flavour wasn't rich enough on its own πŸ˜…
Great products ❀️ and pure and you know you are getting a pure product
I love and recommend PureHarvest to everyone, its the ONLY brand that contains 100% real ingredients, no nasty preservatives and the taste is amazing. I love the Coco Quench milk I use it in my lattes, food recipes. I also enjoy the golden milk mixed with mushroom powder and heated in a saucepan. Thank you PUREHARVEST!! πŸŒ±πŸ™ŒπŸ’•
I love this company, amazing products and I love what they stand for in their mission statement. Also Coco Quench is amazing!
Hands down, one of the best nutmilk products I've ever had 🀩 There's almond, cashew, and hazelnut all mixed in with an oat base. The end result is something that is creamy and sweet without ceasing to taste wholesome πŸ™‚
Love it - My soy journey began in the early eighties when soy was soy, without the long list of fillers! And, this product is the closest thing to it - no loooong list of fillers like so many other brands - tastes great!
I've been drinking Pureharvest for twenty years or so. I love the fact that there are no sweeteners in it (hate the sweet ones), it's organic, GMO free and made in Australia. Taste is a personal thing and this works for me. I've tried them all but always return to Pureharvest because I love the taste in my teas, coffee, muesli and acai bowls. No hidden sugars!
I love the pureharvest range of dairy free alternative milks such as the activated almond milk, coconut quench and one with the both of them together. They are so tasty I love using them in my morning smoothies. Kids and husband also love them would highly recommend.
When comparing different Soy Milk Products I choose PureHarvest. Simple choice as the ingredients tell the story. No sugar or sweetener like malt. No added rubbish - the less ingredients a product like this has the better it is.