Calcium Enriched Milks

We’ve got some great news, we are adding calcium to a few more milks in our range of non dairy milks. We have always endeavoured to bring you, our customers, what you want and we listen to all the feedback we get and try our best to take it all on board in regards to product development. Because, at the end of the day we want to provide you with the healthy products you want to consume. For many years we have been at the forefront of the non dairy milk market in Australia.

As the non dairy milk market grows and expands we are growing and expanding with it. Change takes time and nothing happens overnight… as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they day”.

Calcium is an important micro nutrient the human body needs in order to have a healthy, functioning body.

The calcium source we use in our milks is calcified seaweed commonly marketed as Aquamin. This is a natural and organic plant-based source of calcium. The raw material is a unique red seaweed from the Lithothamnion Corallioides species. It is not only a source of calcium but a source of magnesium, iron, selenium and 73 other trace minerals, promoting improved bone health.  The nutrients in Aquamin are highly bioavailable – in other words the body easily absorbs the nutrients. Aquamin is sustainably harvested off the coast of Iceland.

Here are some important reasons to consume a healthy amount of calcium:

  • helps build strong bones and teeth
  • regulates muscle contractions, including your heartbeat 
  • makes sure blood clots normally

Conversely, a lack of calcium in children may lead to a condition called rickets, and in adults could cause osteomalacia or osteoporosis.

Of course it is not essential to consume calcium fortified products in order to meet your dietary requirements as there are a huge variety of foods that are great sources of calcium. There include but are not limited to the list below:

  • green leafy vegetables – such as broccoli, cabbage and okra, but not spinach
  • soya beans
  • tofu
  • non dairy milks with added calcium
  • nuts
  • bread and anything made with fortified flour
  • oily fish that contain bones such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies
  • organic dairy products if you are not vegan

For many years, dairy products have been hailed as the number one food source for calcium. With more and more people choosing to reduce or remove the dairy products they consume, they are looking for simple, swappable alternatives. This is where fortified non dairy milks come into play. By increasing our range of calcium fortified milks we want to help you reach your daily calcium needs. By no means do you need to be getting all your calcium from milk (whether dairy or non dairy) but if increasing the accessibility helps people improve their calcium consumption we are pleased that we can do our part as a natural, organic Australian owned company.

Our calcium enriched range will now include:

These milks will be rolling out onto shelves over the coming month. Keep an eye out and tag us in the photos you share on social media @pureharvest

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