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Working Towards a Renewable Future

All Pureharvest products are now partially produced by Solar Power!

The solar panels soaking up their first rays of sun at Pureharvest HQ in Drouin

As a natural and organic health food company a big mission of ours is to bring health and happiness into the lives of as many people as possible. Part of that mission is also to help keep our planet as healthy as possible too.

In working towards this mission we wanted to improve the way in which our manufacturing facilities use energy. At the end of 2018, after months of planning and hard work a large solar panel system was installed and is officially up and running!

Solar power: a renewable energy

What is so incredible about solar power is that it is a truly renewable energy. As long as we have sun, we have the power to create solar energy. With so much concern about climate change, dwindling oil supplies and depletion of natural resources the future of our planet can look quite scary.

We have a long way to go, but by helping to off-set some of our energy use with renewable solar energy we are working towards a brighter future.

Birdseye view of our brand new solar panels at Pureharvest HQ

What impact is the system going to have?

It is predicted that the system will save approximately 1150 Tonnes of CO2 release per year.

During times of low factory power consumption (eg weekends), we will be able to export the excess solar generation to the local grid. and help generate renewable energy for others to use.

Once settled and established we will continue to explore ways to increase our renewable energy output while at the same time work hard to reduce our overall energy consumption.

At Pureharvest we are committed to helping create a cleaner and more sustainable world