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Discover the benefits of oat milk

Oat milk is a popular alternative milk, not only because it’s replacing animal products, but more
importantly because it’s full of health benefits. We knew this already back in 1995 and were the
first to introduce oat milk to the Australian market – with our original PureHarvest Organic Oat
milk. Here’s why oat milk is a delicious alternative milk that is good for you!

Great nutritional value

Oat milk in its essence is a blend of soaked oats and water which makes it very light to
consume. It’s also low in calories, fat and sugars compared to cow’s milk. But it still
holds onto the good nutrients such as iron, sodium and potassium.

A lactose-free milk alternative

Since oat milk is not a source of dairy, it’s naturally a lactose-free alternative milk.
This makes it a great option for people with a vegan diet, allergies, high cholesterol or
who simply prefer the lighter taste.

Good for you AND the environment

When oat milk is sourced in its purest form – like our Organic Creamy Oat Milk
it’s free of artificial contaminations. Farming oats organically with their whole, natural
ingredients is a much healthier option for you. It also needs less processing, which helps
nurture biodiversity.

Simply organic, rich in flavour and produced in Australia, try our oat milk in your coffee, muesli,
breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and more.