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What’s For Breakfast? Our Top Picks For Quick Healthy Breakfasts

Are you finding it yourself reaching for the same old thing for breakfast, day in, day out? Are you sick of filling up on toast that leaves you lacking in energy and hungry within an hour? It’s time to jazz up your breakfast routine and we are here to help.

We want to share with you some of our favourite simple and quick plant based breakfast ideas. So regardless of what the morning has in stall for you (*cough* – crazing kids refusing to cooperate, we get it!) you’ll be sure to have something ready to go that will keep you feeling great and ready for the day ahead. Let’s make our breakfast boost the morning mood and give us the sustainable energy we need to get through whatever the day might have in store for us.

In the line up we have, the OG, the classic with a twist, the meal prep queen, or the fancy wild card?

The OG That Never Disappoints

Oatmeal – this has got to be one of the best, simplest and most versatile warming winter breakfasts. Go for simple oats cooked in Organic Soy Milk and toped with nut butter and a drizzle of honey or get as wild and creative as you like with all the added powders, fruits and nutrients that spark your interest.

Quick tip: In a rush and need to make it quick, instead of jumping for the quick oats saches that are often full of added nasties, prep your oats the night before. Simply soak the oats in your milk of choice overnight in a pot that can be put on the stove. This will drastically reduce the cooking time in the morning.

The Spruced Up Classic

Granola and stewed fruit – pimp up your breakfast cereal with some stewed stone fruit or stewed apple. We are huge fans of homemade granola here at PureHarvest, it’s simple to make and when you make up a big batch it works out much cheaper (and without the added nasties) than a lot of the store bought granolas, giving you more from less. A big batch of homemade granola will easily last you up to a couple of weeks if stored correctly in an airtight container. Similarly stew some fruit on a Sunday afternoon and keep it in the fridge. Grab a bowl, add your granola, stewed fruit and a dash of Coco Quench and you have yourself a breakfast of champions.

The Meal Prep Savour

Breakfast muffins – whip up a batch of breakfast muffins on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll have a simple, nutritious go to breakfast whenever you’re having one of those mornings. These Banana Breakfast Muffins are packed full of healthy natural energy from the oats and banana. From just a little bit of forward planning and meal prep on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll have breakfast ready to quickly grab and go throughout the week.

The Fancy Pants

Chocolate baked oats – Fancy something a little extra special for breakfast? This is the recipe for you. Gooey, chocolatey yet still healthy and nutritious? Sign us up. These chocolate baked oats are the perfect warming winter breakfast. They might look and sound fancy but they are actually pretty simple to make. Give them a go, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Those are some of our favourite breakfasts to get us through the busy weeks running around, doing all the life things. What are your go to breakfasts? We’re always looking for more great ideas to mix up our morning routines.