Help Save Our Honey Bees

Bees are VITAL for the survival of our ecosystems and our planet. Bees pollinate over 90% of flowering plants worldwide. Pollination is an essential step in fertilising plants and enables them to grow and flourish. Without pollination plant species would die out.

How can we help to protect our bees and the survival of our ecosystems?

Plant more flowers in your garden

A flowering garden is a haven for bees. More flowers means more food for the bees and helps to create an environment in which they can flourish. Honeysuckle (Lonicera) is a fantastic option as it smells fantastic and bees love it. A bonus, the little flowers look gorgeous when they are in bloom.

Buy organic

Pesticides and herbicides are incredibly harmful to bees. Conventional crops that are sprayed with pesticides can kill bees as the pollen become toxic and harmful. Organic farming practices do not use pesticides. Pollen from plants that are sprayed with pesticides can kill bees. By choosing to buy organic we help support agriculture that is good for ourselves and our planet. Organic farming practices promote sustainable ecosystems in which bees can thrive.

Bees love trees

Trees are also incredibly important for bees. They provide necessary early pollen and food for bees before many other plants begin to flower. By planting more native flowering trees we can increase the availability of pollen for longer stretches of time throughout the year. Why not organise a tree planting day at your local schools / in your local communities for a fun day out and help our planet at the same time.

At PureHarvest we are proud suppliers of organic and natural products. Our 100% Australian Organic Honey is produced by wonderful organic bee keepers in rural Queensland far away from industrial areas, sanitary landfills or garbage dumps. Support local farming and support our bees by purchasing our organic honey in Coles supermarkets and independent health food stores Australia wide.