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Must Try Viral TikTok Recipes

Whether or not you’re on TikTok or not there’s no doubt it has a unique way of making things viral. As a weird and wonderful place for recipe inspiration, we decided it was about time that we tried and tested some of the viral recipes going around. So here goes, below are some of our top pics.

We’d also love to hear from you, have you found any amazing recipes on TikTok that you now can’t live without? Let us know.

Baked oats

There are so many incredible variations of baked oats that can be found on the internet, we actually have a couple of recipes on our website, here. We love baked oats so much, as they are a great way of changing up your breakfast without needing to do anything fancy or complicated. Simple, delicious and healthy breakfasts are always a winner.

Chinese cucumber salad

If you are a fan of a little tang and a little spice these funky looking cucumber salad is for you. There is a bit of preparation involved in this one, but once that is out of the way it’s a fun and creative way to spice up your cucumber.

Overnight weetabix ‘cheesecake’

Decadent, delicious and very simple this breakfast is a fun alternative to overnight oats. The consistency is super creamy and it gives dessert vibes for breakfast. Simply soak some broken up weetabix in your favourite PureHarvest non dairy milk, we are loving our Organic Soy Unsweetened and Coco Quench for this. If you like a little extra sweetness we also recommend adding in a little drizzle of Organic Rice Syrup or Organic Honey here too. Top with some creamy dairy free yoghurt and place in the fridge. The next morning simply add any delicious toppings you fancy

Pasta chips

We had never heard of pasta chips before we came across them while scrolling, but boy oh boy are we glad we did. They are crunchy and delicious and a perfect addition to any snack plate in our opinion. So many seasoning options for you to try as well, so get creative with this one.

Yoghurt Toast

We love this idea as a healthier alternative to French toast. Whatever type of yoghurt you choose, whether it be coconut yoghurt or regular yoghurt, this recipe creates a delicious cakey texture. Top with berries and a drizzle of honey and you have a winning breakfast.

Sweet corn ‘ribs’

The vegan ‘rib’ recipe that surpasses all rib recipes. Think sweet, chewy and slightly charred it’s a huge winner whether you are vegan or not. We don’t love all vegan renditions of things, many being loaded with lots of nasty additives but we are huge fans of the sweet corn ribs, YUM!

Fried rice paper rolls

We are huge fans of rice paper rolls here. They are a fantastic lunch option and the fillings can be so versatile. When we came across a fried version on TikTok we just had to try it for ourselves. Well… they did not disappoint. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside they are a wonderful alternative to dumplings and as mentioned you can get so creative with your fillings. Dip into a little bit of our Organic Gluten Free Tamari and you have a winning combo.

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