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Looking for the perfect milk for your coffee? We’ve ranked our favourites!

Do you have a go to coffee, or are you a bit more free spirited and constantly change it up? If you’re on the hunt for a new favourite, let us help! We have rounded up our favourite non dairy milks for all your coffee cravings.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to PureHarvest is we are all about more from less, more natural ingredients and less additives. That’s to say we do not add any thickeners or emulsifiers to our milks. Due to their natural and organic composition, there will always be a slight variation in how different milks perform when heating and frothing.

After many coffee making sessions and taste tests we have come up with our fave milks and their best uses in coffee.

Oat Milk Creamy

oat milk has a great neutral flavour that we find pairs beautifully with coffee. Due to the natural creaminess of oat milk it is one of the best frothing non dairy milks in our opinion. It creates a velvety smooth texture that works perfectly in hot coffee. Step it up a notch with our Oat Milk Creamy, for a delicious frothy and creamy cappuccino

Coco Quench & Almond Quench

We couldn’t possibly create this list without mentioning one of our all time favourites, not to mention a customer all time favourite, Coco Quench. Coco Quench is so loved on the cafe scene that our wonderful friend, Sarah, has made a dedicated Instagram page, Coco Quest, which highlights all the wonderful cafes around Australia that stock our Coco Quench. Being one of the first coconut beverages on the market in Australia it has a large and loyal following. The natural sweetness of coconut helps to elevate your coffee experience and froths really well too.

Unsweetened Soy

Soy has been the strongest contender in the alternative milk space years and years. It is still the most common milk alternative when you go to cafes and we believe for good reason. It’s silky, creamy and delicious. Also a great option for those who are moving away from cows milk to non dairy milk. Unfortunately so many soy milks contain additives and thickeners. Our Organic Unsweetened Soy is a fantastic option with no added sugar and only a few key ingredients it’s smooth and silky mouthfeel makes for a delightful latte.

Unsweetened Almond Milk

If you are an iced coffee fan, we LOVE both our Original Almond Milk or Unsweetened Almond Milk for making iced coffees. It’s naturally nutty flavour but light texture gives you a wonderful full bodied ice coffee without being too rich. Next time you’re making ice coffee at home why not try a cold brew over ice with a dash on Almond Milk, refreshing and energising all at once!

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