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Immunity Boosting Tips for Cold and Flu Season

This cold and flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst ever. Your immune system is your bodies way of protecting itself, so you should try and protect it! After a few years stuck inside, our immunity levels have dropped and we’re all definitely feeling the effects this winter.

We’ve pulled together some top tips to help keep your health and wellbeing on track through this cold and flu season.

Immunity Boosting

Eat More Plants

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in keeping you healthy. It seems obvious, but it needs to be said: eating a diet rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals will keep you healthier in the long-run.

Here’s our top tip: Eat the rainbow! Simply put, eating the rainbow involves eating fruits and vegetables of different colours every day. Plants contain different pigments, or phytonutrients, which give them their colour. Different-coloured plants are linked to higher levels of specific nutrients and health benefits. It’s not all kale and green smoothies, get some plant diversity in your diet.

Get Active

When winter hits we tend to stay inside – kind of a makeshift hibernation! We really should be doing the opposite. Get outside, get in the gym and keep your body fighting fit.

Regular exercise can help you feel better, sleep better, and reduce anxiety. Combine this with eating well and you’ll quickly be in the best shape of your life. We’re not saying you need to go full Swarzenegger, just 30 minutes a day should do the trick.

Get Your Rest

We’re sure you don’t need an excuse to stay in your warm bed any longer, but here’s one anyway! Did you know that sleep loss can negatively affect different parts of the immune system?

Make sure you’re getting 6-8 quality hours of sleep every night. Make your sleep better by setting yourself a night-time routine. Switch off from the world (no screens!) and relax into your sleep.

Immunity Boosting Recipe Inspiration

  1. Spiced Carrot & Lentil Soup
  2. Vegan Pad Thai
  3. Overnight Blueberry Chia Pudding
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