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The supermarket “health food” aisle. Is it really healthy?

Are our supermarket health food aisles actually healthy?

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Every-time we walk into the supermarket there seems to be new products gracing the health food section. This diversity and choice is amazing however it seems to be harder and harder to determine whether which products are genuinely healthy or simply being marketed as “healthy” to grab consumer support.

The term “healthy” is used so often these days. But what does it mean to be healthy? For every individual, it will mean something slightly different.

health food aisle

Here at Pureharvest we are firm believers of clean, simple and wholesome products to help us live healthy, balanced lifestyles.
Our aim is for you to see our products on the shelves and know that the ingredients list will be short and simple; and made up of ingredients you recognise and trust!
Food is essential for life. Healthy, nutritious food is essential for living a positive, balanced and healthy life. 
So please, from one conscious consumer to another, the next time you’re at the supermarket or local health food store, give yourself the challenge to read the ingredient list of every product that grabs your attention and only buy the products that contain ingredients that you recognise and understand.