We can all do our bit: reduce household food waste

Get yourself a nice looking compost caddy / bin

Having something that looks nice and can be proudly displayed in the kitchen will be a wonderful reminder to help your composting efforts. Composting doesn’t have to be scary and difficult. Instead of throwing food scraps in the general waste, simply through them into your fancy new compost bin instead.

Educate yourself 

Education is the best motivation. Do a little googling and read a few blog posts on composting, you might find some handy tips like learning how to avoid things like smelly composts. Also, most local councils should have information and guidance on how to best compost in your area.

Reduce your waste before it reaches the bin

I know when I started properly composting I was alarmed at how much food waste we produced in one household. There are simple things we can do to try and kerb our waste. One way to do this is by writing up a weekly meal plan. Take a small amount of time on the weekend to write down all the meals you’re going to cook and food you’ll consume. Then when you go shopping you’ll be able to buy the food you need and hopefully not waste as much. This should help save money and also reduce food waste.

Shop for fresh produce at local farmers markets

So often the fruit and vegetables at supermarkets are “disappointing”. They’re old, lack flavour and just look a bit sad. This can be a result of many things, but more often than not it is because the fruit and vegetables is not fresh. Supermarkets generally store fresh produce in cold storage in between the farms and getting it on the shop floor. This is where local farmers markets come into play. Local farmers markets take out the middle man and provide farm fresh produce directly to you. This results in fresher, tastier and cheaper fruit and veg.

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