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Reduce Waste…How To Use Up Your Nut Milk

One of our most frequently asked questions is can we freeze Pureharvest non-dairy milk? Simply put, YES of course you can! But there are other ways you can use up any left-over milk that has been sitting in the fridge. 

Check out some of our favourite ways to use up our non-dairy milks, below!

 We know that for many people consuming 1 litre of milk in 3-4 days (that’s our recommended storage time once opened) can be a bit of a challenge.

We’re here to help with some great ways to use up the milk and not let it go to waste.

Freeze it

This is a great way to to preserve the integrity of the milk to have it at a later date. Freeze it into ice cubes and use it in smoothies, ice coffees or simply defrost and use at a later date.

Cook with it, savoury recipes

We absolutely love to use our milks to cook with. The Coco Quench works perfectly in curries and soups to add creaminess without being too heavy. Check out these two recipes for some inspiration

Coconut Pumpkin Soup

Vegetarian Curry

Cook with it, sweet recipes

We have a whole heap of recipes over on the recipe section of our website that use our milks. From frozen treats to hearty muffins. These are some of our faves, 

Vegan Paddle Pop 

Coffee Choc Cheesecake

Oat Breakfast Muffins